What is  Clear Aligners?

They are invisible teeth aligners that are made for each individual patient based on their 3D imaging on their teeth. This is an easy, fast and digital alternative for your orthodontic care. Digital orthodontics was developed especially for modern and professional orthodontics and the CEREC appliances used for the treatments have our patient’s high level of comfort, reliability and time savings in mind.

How Does it Work?

The process starts with easy and convenient intra-oral scanning with the CEREC Omnicam. The small camera head makes it easy to reach all areas of the dentition, even with restricted oral openings. Patients are spared the often uncomfortable experience of the conventional impression. Following the scan, we carry out model analysis. With the model we are able to create the exact aligners that are needed for your treatment.

What Braces do I Get?

Thanks to progress in digital orthodontics, aligners have established themselves as a true alternative to braces. Clear aligners go virtually unnoticeable and they sit very comfortably in the mouth, without the irritations typically associated with brackets. Aligners are easily removable and have no dietary restrictions related to them.

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