3D Imaging

When it comes to dental technology, Arrowhead Dental prides itself on being at the forefront. We use cutting-edge technology to provide our patients with the very best in the family, cosmetic, and implant services. Our 3D imaging system makes a dental examination, diagnosis, and care much faster and effective, both for you and Drs. Morgan, Dover, and Argyle.

What is 3D imaging technology?

3D dental imaging has become the new standard of dental care. When treating patients, 3D dentistry gives Drs. Morgan, Dover, and Argyle a superior view of your mouth and allows us to effectively determine the best method of treatment. Our CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) machine provides a 3D rendition of your teeth, jaws, and maxillofacial structures to provide a more comprehensive overview than traditional x-rays. 

Traditional x-rays only develop a 2D image of your mouth. Being able to see the mouth in three dimensions helps us more effectively formulate a treatment approach for cosmetic, restorative, and implant treatment. 3D CBCT scans are particularly unique because they illuminate soft and hard tissues simultaneously. The procedure is also less intrusive and more comfortable than other diagnostic tools.

Digital Impressions

A digital impression is taken using a scanner wand that is placed directly into your mouth. The scanner takes hundreds of pictures per second to create an accurate depiction of your teeth and gums. Once the data is captured, it is digitally stored, and ready to be viewed or shared immediately. Digital impressions are ideal for patients with a strong gag reflex, and in some cases, a superior alternative to traditional impressions. Traditional impressions involve a sticky, goopy material that may be an uncomfortable experience and leave debris in your mouth. Digital impressions are a much more comfortable experience. Our digital scanner also includes a chairside milling machine (CEREC), that allows us to create certain dental restorations in just one appointment! 

Advantages of 3D Imaging

3D imaging offers numerous features that are found nowhere else in dental technology, specifically x-rays and other CT scans. 

Advantages of 3D imaging include:

• Image accuracy: 3D imaging has an incredible resolution, with high accuracy images that help us pinpoint the exact location of the issue at hand

• Short procedure time: Our CBCT machine can acquire all the scan images in a single rotation, which reduces image defects and minimizes time spent with the scan. The procedure is usually complete in a minute or so

• Limited radiation: ;The size of the x-ray beam (cone-shaped), limits the radiation to the area of interest, which reduces your overall exposure radiation

• Comprehensive results: With a single scan, we can see pathology, infections, nerves, musculature, and much more. This is especially useful for the proper treatment of dental-caused sinus issues, root canals, extractions, and implant placement

• Bone Assessment: To receive a dental implant, you must have the proper bone density and quantity. 3D CBCT scans allow us to assess bone quality without invasive procedures

• Non-intrusive: 3D CBCT scans provide images of your entire head without you having to do anything, like biting down on a mold or piece of plastic

• Lower cost: Third-party CT scans can be expensive. 3D CBCT imaging takes place in-office and eliminates the middle-man

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